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Ridiculously Low Prices from over 5000 Factories in China

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Your Brand Name on Your Products

Look big without spending big. We’ll help you put your logo on products or customize your products with choice colors and designs.

​Low Minimum Order Quantity

Most suppliers on sourcing websites want to make you buy thousands of pieces. Don’t fall for it; With us you can buy small quantities.

100% Money Back Guarantee on Products

We guarantee you’re going to get the exact products you approved. Our guarantee covers product defects and damages too.

Free Samples on Most Products

Need few samples to test before placing large orders? Sure you can. Most of our products come with free samples from our factories.

Full Protection from Fraud & Online Scams

Buying products from websites or people you don’t know can cost you. Trillion Source buys only from over 5000 trusted suppliers. Your money is safe with us.

Flexible Payment Plan That's Easy on Your Pocket

Need some help or some time paying for your order? We can help you negotiate flexible payment terms that make your life easy and cash flow health.

Affordable Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses

We make selling on Amazon a bliss. We will Pick up, ship and deliver your products from Any Factory in China directly to Amazon.

Offices in the US, Hong Kong and China

With our head office in Pennsylvania and sourcing offices in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Trillion Source is better positioned to serve you as a true global-local company.

Real Story. Real Results.

"Trillion Source was able to source items from companies that would normally ignore my inquiry, either because of my business size, or because I did not speak Chinese..."
J. Beck

“Acquiring our first product from Trillion went as smoothly as one could expect. I also learned much about the company in question. Most important is that Trillion helped me source directly from the company, rather than relying on a distributor.

This allowed us to get a good price for the quantity ordered. Best of all, the products arrived without much delay, and intact.

Trillion source is service oriented. This extends past simple acquisition of product. They also assist with product design, sourcing various people to assist with hardware. The owner goes well above and beyond to understand your needs, find people to help create a product, then have it manufactured within a price point you can afford. This saves a lot of time trying to vet worthwhile sources, much less research talent.

Overall, I highly recommend this company to those trying to buy quality products from China and Hong Kong.”

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